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Steps for placing an Advert
Step 1

Please login to your account or register.

Step 2

After login, you will be redirected to the My Account page, then please click on "Place An Advert" to add a new advert.

Step 3
Product Details

In this step, you need to fill the basic details of your product , the price and other advertising details.

  • 1. Product Basics :
    • Type : It specifies under which category you want to display this advert. Here there are two types ; Radio and Radio Accessories.
    • Name : The name you specify here will be displayed everywhere on the website. So remember to give name that best suits your product.
    • Make : With the mentioned list of values, you can select relevant Make of your advert.
    • Model : Based on the "Make" selection , few values will be prepopulated in the "Model" dropdown helping you to choose the model related to your product.
    • Product Short Description : A brief description about the Advert should be entered.
    • Product Description : Here, a more detailed description about your Advert should be entered.
    • Specifications : Specifications of your Advert should be entered here.
  • 2. Price Setting for your Radio :
    • Selling Price : Price (in pounds) of the advert to be entered.
  • 3. Advertising Details :
    • Contact Number : The contact number that you will mention here will be displayed in your advert and help the users to reach you quickly.
    • Mobile Number : Your contact number is to be entered here.
    • Contact Email : Your email to be entered here.
    • Expiry Date : It depicts the date after which your advert will be expired and removed from the site. Maximum you can advert for 90 days only.

Note : After all required fields are entered, click on "Continue" button to proceed towards the next step.

Step 4
Photo Upload

This step enables you to add photos of your product so the buyers can easily relate with their requirement. Click on 'ADD NEW PHOTO' button to upload single images. To edit one of them simply click on 'EDIT' button to open up a new image selection window ; you can upload images with JPG or GIF or PNG format. You can add a maximum of 5 photos of your product.

Note : If you want to edit any fields in "Product Details" step, click on "Previous" button. For preview of the advert click "Continue" button.

Step 5
Advert Preview

In this step, we get a preview of our advert from the details mentioned in Step 3 and Step 4. Preview of the Image, Product Name , Price, Make, Model, Product Short Description, Product Description and Specifications are available.

You cannot change Make / Model / Images once your advert has been approved by Website Admin.

If you want to edit any fields, click on "Previous" button ; else click on "Confirm" button.

Website Admin will review your product and approve / reject your product.

You can see your adverts in 'Manage Adverts' page.